Ical not updating dating manual for dummies

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But without a doubt the biggest issue for me personally has been related to i Cal.After completing the i Cloud transition yesterday, to my dismay I discovered that all of my i Cal events were duplicated!Like many Apple enthusiasts, I spent much of the day yesterday updating software. I was not an “early adopter” with Mobile Me, so I escaped the first-day glitches that promted Steve Jobs to declare the system’s launch “not our finest hour.” Less than a day into my experience with i Cloud, I’d have to say that this launch also is not Apple’s “finest hour.” There have been numerous complaints today about i Cloud mail outages (following what I have observed as several days of flaky Mobile Me mail performance). I’ve been relying on Mobile Me for a little over a year to keep my mail, notes and calendars (mostly) in sync.However, sometimes, entries that a clearly and accurately registered in Trip It just don't show up in Google Calendar.

Apparently i Cloud didn’t like having these events show up in the calendar in this way — probably because it recognized them as being events I had “deleted” yesterday — so it “helpfully” removed them again. How am I supposed to get these events back into i Cal when i Cloud just deletes them as soon as they’re added?! you don’t calendars, then export those calendars and import them back into the i Cloud calendars.

My Mobile Me account and my i Cloud account were both showing up, with all of the same events. I proceeded to delete all of my individual Mobile Me calendars. The i Cloud calendars were still there, and every event was just showing up once.

Now, in retrospect, the and just delete the Mobile Me account from my i Cal configuration. But then this morning I sat down at my computer and discovered — to my horror — that was gone.

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