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Owner, Len Johnson is the business mastermind behind the operation.

This is exactly what husband and wife team, Dani & Len had intended to do and their friends were the Ginnie pigs! A Husband and Wife Team, Len & Dani Johnson are self taught entrepreneurs.

Then in 2006 Len and Dani rolled out the “Dessert Menu” for the Restaurant to all of their friends at a Valentines day party at their home. “You should do this for a living,” seemed to be the response….

The muscular wall has three separate layers of muscle, each layer containing fibers running in a unique direction — right to left, up and down, and crisscross — a series you see over and over again in the body (e.g. This process is called , which means to scrape the scales off a fish. You already know that your body, like a snake, is constantly desquamating, right?

the layers of your abdominal and rib-moving muscles are oriented like this as well). The WBCs secrete digestive enzymes that break the dead tissue away, a process that also removes some of the blood vessels just beneath the dying lining.

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