Zoneedit not updating

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On top of that, they advertise 5 free domains, and I had only a total of 3 domain domains, so how they are calculating that I am using 6 out of 5 of those “Free Zones” is perplexing.Stay away from Zone Edit if you value your brand and/or web traffic.I am "trying" to use ddclient to update a dynamic IP address when it changes for a domain of mine.I get the current IP from a web page I access elsewhere that's set up to provide my current WAN IP when the page is accessed. I signed up for opendns service and everything works for my other sites, but zoneedit refuses to work with a status of constantly: Waiting for first update.Please look into if zoneedit changed their update policies. I am using f=239&t=84667#wrap Anyone with the same issue - DDNS Updater and zoneedit?

I log into the Zone Edit area and see this in the billing section: Ok, balance = 0. After looking in my spam folder (I never check it, there are over 1000 messages a month in there) I see they did send billing requests.

In today's day and age people do publish change logs!!

I'm trying to setup ddclient on my ubuntu server to update my DNS records on zoneedit for when my public IP changes. HTTP/1.0 SENDING: Host: dynamic.SENDING: Authorization: Basic Y2N1c HBlb HM6TG9r Ki Y1VHJFM1E= SENDING: User-Agent: ddclient/3.8.0 SENDING: Connection: close SENDING: FAILED: updating Could not connect to dynamic. I changed my password at zoneedit and removed the special characters "*" and "&" from it.

I did a restart of ddclient and immediately had a successful login and update. I could login to zoneedit via my browser with a password that had special characters but could not do a login process via the updater.

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